Thursday, May 10, 2012

Beauty From Doubts

"Well, we were only planning to take two of, which one of you doesn't want to go?" My heart sank when I heard these words. Rachael Coon, Karli Fredrickson, and I had just finished eating supper at the Waid's house, the founders of Bangla Hope Orphanage, and were discussing the possibility of us three going with them to teach at the orphanage in October when mid-way through our conversation Mrs. Waid had said these words. The three of us looked at each other dumbfounded and then turned and stared back at Mr. and Mrs. Waid wondering if there was a punch-line coming. To our greatest delight Mrs. Waid looked back at us and said, "Of course we couldn't do that and choose and since you all want to teach we're going to take all three of you!" A smile instantly lit up my face as I heard Rachael let out an excited squeal and Karli breathed a sigh of relief. I don't think we ever stopped smiling the rest of the night. I still haven't. Before I knew it we were talking about dates and a list of items to pack and classes we were going to be teaching! In 5 months I will be on a plane bound for 126 beautiful brown-eyed kids who live in a small country called Bangladesh!

God is so good! He has taken my hand and showed me His plan for the next year of my life. I've always wanted to be a student missionary, but I never thought I would be doing it after my first year of college or be going to an orphanage. I never thought God would give me an unignorable desire to serve in this way at this time in my life, but He has. And I know it is Him taking me by the hand on this journey, because I asked God to take away the desire if it wasn't in His will, but He hasn't taken it away. Hosanna to the God of surprises and wonders! Hosanna to the One who makes beauty from dust and beauty from my doubts.