Sunday, September 30, 2012


Packing. It's something I really enjoy doing. Organizing and putting together the puzzle pieces of all the items you are trying to fit in in the most consolidated way in order for you to travel effectively, the end result is extremely satisfying. It's a problem that can be solved. Not to mention the anticipation that goes along with the whole concept of packing: getting to experience something different and out of your comfort zone. I guess what I really like about packing is the feeling of anticipation.

Two  days. Forty-eight hours and I will be on my jolly way to PDX and then on to San Francisco where the wheels of a large Boeing 777 will leave this continent and land me in Singapore for a glimpse of its radiance then drop me smack-dab in the middle of my new home: Bangladesh. Thoughts going on in my head right now (besides obvious anticipation): wonder, excitement to see some beautiful brown-eyed children, contentment in God's existence in this world (a world I have yet to experience), and reality checks; although my bags are packed, my brain doesn't really think I'm actually going to leave. People have asked me if I am nervous. Honestly, no. Not yet at least. I am more humbled than I am nervous. Humbled by God giving me this opportunity, all of your support, and the vulnerability of being in a new place.

Updates since I last blogged:
-Karli and Rachael are not able to come and teach at Bangla Hope. God has called them to serve elsewhere and I can't wait to find out what He has in store for them!
-Mine and Mrs. Waid's current visa expires in December, so I'm talking to Jesus a lot lately about that. Hoping we can get a new one or have ours extended. Mr. and Mrs. Waid feel confident that we can get it worked out when we enter the country.

Here is my mailing address:
Mackenzie Thompson
Village: Hazrapur, Post Office: Mazina (Uchai)
Upozila: Panchbibi
District: Joypurhat

I will try to keep this blog updated fairly often, so feel free to check back every once in awhile. The next time you will hear from me I will be in Bangladesh!